80mm Home Compostable Coffee Cup Sip Lids New Design

Short Description:

Size/Capacity: Diameter 80mm cup lids for hot drinks and cold drinks both

Color: White /Natural Color

Appearance: Non odor, nontoxic, natural color appearance, good touching feeling, no sharp edge

Function: Hot drinking | Cold drinking

Material: 100% natural and compostable bagasse sugarcane pulp

Product Detail

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Feature: 100% biodegradable and compostable.Waterproof, Oilproof, microwave, freezer,and oven safe,perfect for disposable takeaway and dinner

Advantage:Not spill from coffee drinking hole when transportation

Certified: FDA, LFGB, OK home Compost,PFOA PFOS and fluoride free

Packing: 50pcs/package,1000pcs/Ctn

End of life: Recyclabel,Home Compostable

MOQ: 20GP container

Customizing: accept(no mould fee)

Detail for lids:

Our plant-based fiber compostable eco lids are made with advanced scientific formula, and manufactured by cutting edge automatic equipment and technique, made from plant fibers pulp like sugarcane bagasse and bamboo pulp, which are tree-free, carbon-neutral, environmentally friendly, compostable, and biodegradable, at the same time that our all cup lid are PFOA PFOS and fluoride free

It fully conforms to the requirements of food and beverage contact safety and hygiene in many countries. Our company has acquired several Chinese patents, and we are continuing in developing new innovative products to apply for patent registration. Considering global plastic restriction under scenarios of climate change and plastic pollution, it’s a new environmental product full of potential.


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