Bio pulp mold customized bagasse Mask Box

Short Description:

Row material: Bagasse/ bamboo/ wood pulp

Process: Pulp mold

Application: High-end cosmetic packaging

Feature: Eco-packaging

Color: White/customized

Printing handing: Embossing

OEM/ODM: Customized Logo, Thickness, Color, Size

Product Detail

Product Tags

Molded Pulp Packaging specializes in 100% recycled, compostable packaging for businesses that need sustainable solutions to meet the demands of today’s Eco-conscious consumers and business owners.

Product advantages

New Wet Pressing Sugarcane Fiber Tray for Cosmetic Products Packaging

100% Compostable eco-friendly molded pulp packaging.

H2O2 bleached, safety, sanitation and clean tray.

Waterproof, shock-proof, anti-cushioniong.

Smooth surface, good quality,luxury inner tray packaging solutions.

Premium Tactitle Sensation



Details: High-end mask box with ultra-textured by bagasse material

Certificate: SGS, BRC

Production Capability: 300 Tons / Month

We design and realize the product.

We would also like to realize your product and brand by high precision pulp molding technology.

According to the different requirements of the user, the surface quality, color, pictures and other appearance elements can be processed on the product, post-processing.

Zhiben can achieve 0.1nm-level surface effect when producing molds; it allow us to provide you the most high precision package solution.

As the pioneer of the green packaging, Zhiben is committed to creating and delivering value to all sector customers, such as dringking solution, food & beverage, 3C, health care, beauty care, etc.

To enhancing their products’ competitiveness and differentiating their brand, by providing them full range of plant fiber products and biodegradable & compostable packaging solutions.

The concept of environmental protection is integrated into the whole product manufacturing process. While delivering the value of the package, we actively reduce the carbon footprint, to help customers to enhance their product image. The package meets the demand for not only structure strength and apparent performance similar to plastic package, but also quality of ISO, Europe and America standard, by developing 100% biodegradable materials.

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