Biodegradable Tencent Eco Friendly Moon-cake box

Short Description:

Product name: Bio Moon-cake box

Row material: Sugarcane Pulp

Process: Pulp mold

Application: Zhiben Moon cake box

Feature: 100% home compostable

Color: Yellow/ custom

Printing handing: Embossing

OEM/ODM: Customized Logo, Thickness, Color, Size

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Bio-Package Solution

This is the Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake gift box that Zhiben and Dongyuan group gave to employees this year.

With the increasing awareness of global environmental protection, pulp molding has become a big fire in recent years. The molded pulp products stored in the room can be placed for long periods before use (usually for 10 years) without aging and brittle or deterioration.Recycling cost is low and can be reused. As the pioneer and leader of environmentally friendly pulp molding packaging, Zhiben has undoubtedly chosen environmentally friendly pulp boxes for mooncakes this year, which are the same as Tencent mooncake boxes, same material and same color. Also the envelope is made of 100% fully degradable kraft paper, which is pure natural and pollution-free, allowing consumers to enjoy moon cakes without worrying about environmental pollution caused by the packaging.

You must be very curious about how such a mooncake box is made. Next, I will take you to find out.

The whole process uses natural materials (bagasse), no ink, no plastic, no waste water, and automatically degrades after six months in the soil. 

Bio Molded Pulp packaging box-5

This is the raw material, bagasse.

Bio Molded Pulp packaging box-6

The bagasse is crushed and turned into a slurry.

Bio Molded Pulp packaging box-7

Leading it into the designed mold and the box is formed.

Bio Molded Pulp packaging box-8

After trimming, it becomes a standard packaging box.

The packaging box made by this process does not contain ink, plastic, or waste water in the entire production process. It is natural but returned to nature. On the road to environmental protection, Zhiben has been working hard and hopes that everyone can unite and create one a greener earth.

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