Compostable Ice Cream Spoon, Made of Sustainable Renewable Plant Fiber

Short Description:

Zhiben compostable ice cream spoons are made from plant fiber.

Size: L:110.52*W:26.48*H:9.58

Thickness: 1mm

N.W.: 2.0±0.4g

Color: White/Natural

Packing: 50pcs/bag

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Zhiben 110 Fiber Spoon

*  Perfectly for tasting gelato, ice cream, yogurt, deserts and just about anything;

* 100% eco-friendly material that is Compostable, Non-Toxic, Food-Grade, Plastic-Free, Splinter-Free and no harmful chemicals.

zhiben fiber spoon (1)

Product Advantages:

1). Eco-friendly Package: Our molded pulp products are eco-friendly, compostable, 100% recyclable and biodegradable;

2). Renewable Material: All the raw materials are natural fiber-based renewable resources, Raw materials have a wide source and a low cost. It is mainly an annual herb fiber raw pulp or with waste paper as raw materials, can be taken according to local conditions, local materials, inexhaustible

3). Customized Color: The most common color is white, grey and brown, but can be customized in any color as per request;

4). Advanced technology: Product Can be made by different techniques to achieve different surface effects and price targets, Modern production technology can achieve high-speed, automated mass production.

5). Design Shape: Shapes can be customized;

6). Protection Capability: Can be made water-proof, oil resistant and anti-static; they are anti-shock and protective;

7). Price Advantages: the prices of molded pulp materials are very stable; lower cost than EPS; lower assembly costs; Lower cost for storage as most of the products could be stackable.

8). Application Areas: Can be widely used in electronics, cosmetics, food, medical industry, industrial line and many other industries.

9). Customized Design: We can provide free designs or develop products based on customers' designs;

10). Less waste: Less water consumption, no waste water discharge, to meet the requirements of clean production.

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