Eco Molded Pulp Moon cake packaging box

Short Description:

Product name: Tencent Bio Moon-cake box

Row material: Bamboo Sugarcane Pulp

Process: Wet press

Application: Food package

Feature: Biodegradable

Color: Yellow

Printing handing: Embossing

OEM/ODM: Customized Logo, Thickness, Color, Size

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Mooncake Package Solution

This is the mooncake box of Tencent this year. It looks unremarkable in appearance, but it actually incorporates environmentally friendly elements ingeniously. The box is made of environmentally-friendly sugarcane pulp. After eating the mooncake, the box can be reused and can be degraded naturally.

Tencent Bio Moon-cake box (9)

Molded fiber products are environmentally friendly and naturally degradable. The pulp molding products buried in the soil can be completely naturally degraded within 3 months under the action of microorganisms, and do not need centralized compost treatment. Molded fiber products can be naturally degraded and recycled, which is an environment-friendly product.

Tencent Bio Moon-cake box (1)
Tencent Bio Moon-cake box (2)

Tencent help environmental protection, chose Zhiben to produce their 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake box, Zhiben provides one-stop service, from product design, mold manufacturing, testing, mass production, using bagasse as raw material, pure natural zero pollution, and 100% compostable.

Tencent Bio Moon-cake box (4)
Tencent Bio Moon-cake box (3)

End consumers use it as flowerpot, candy tray, toy box, jewel case, desk organizer etc. and share the photographs with friends and spread widely.

Zero Waste, Zero Plastic, more than 200% utilization rate.

This warm blessing for friends and relatives, also reflects our friendly to the environment and temperature ~

Pulp gift box: food grade sugar cane fiber

The gift box is made of environmentally friendly sugarcane pulp in one form, After eating mooncakes, the box can be reused and the family can degrade naturally. 

To achieve harmonious development between human and nature.

Raw materials have a wide source and a low cost. It is mainly an annual herb fiber raw pulp or with waste paper as raw materials, can be taken according to local conditions, local materials, inexhaustible.

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