What are the advantages of pulp cup lids compared with traditional plastic and PLA cup lids?

PLA cup lids is industrial grade degradation product, which means that every link of waste classification, waste recycling, professional industrial degradation environment and process must be strictly implemented in place in order to achieve industrial grade degradation in at least 6 months.

Although it is also a degradable product, it requires a very high cost to realize the degradation. If the high cost of recycling and waste treatment is not paid, the PLA cup cover can not be degraded in the natural environment and is still plastic waste.

Zhiben's pulp cup lids are home level degradation product, which can be completely degraded in a microbial environment (dirt, soil and other natural microorganisms) for 90 days. It can be composted and zero pollute to the environment.

Degradation cannot be considered without conditions, and the home level degradation of consumables is an inevitable trend.

What are the advantages of Zhiben Group in products, processes, molds and equipment?

Product: Better quality and design. The buckle device with the cup lids can reach 85% of the plastic cup lids, and continues to be improved. The quality control system is complete as well.

Process: with the same format molding machine, the production efficiency of Zhiben Group is higher, the automation level is continuously improving, and the daily capacity is more than 40d tons.

Mold: Zhiben has strong R & D ability and has two own mold processing workshops. The mold precision is high, which can reach 0.1μ(Swiss AgieCharmilles processing center).  The mold has the advantages of fast delivery time, great quality, low mold cost and low maintenance cost.

Equipment: Reasonable format, large capacity, accurate temperature control, stable operation (servo control, PLC programming control, accurate action), large slurry tank capacity and deep depth, which can be compatible with products with a height of less than 140mm.

Are you a trading company or manufacturer?

We are a molded fiber packaging manufacturer. We have two production bases.

Do you provide free samples?

Yes. We provide free samples. Clients will have to bear the courier charges.

How do you ship goods usually?

We usually ship goods by sea or by air freight.

What is your delivery time?

Our delivery time is usually 7~12 days after the receipt of the deposit.

Do you provide customized service?

Yes, we provide customized service.

Please describe your company’s technical capabilities related to sensory, analytical and microbiology outside of day to day manufacturing facility operations.

A sensory analysis: 100% of the basic appearance testing through independent intellectual property rights CCD image recognition system testing, equipped with standard chromaticity color difference analyzer, independent development of professional functional testing equipment for cup lids

B Microbiology: We have the ability to perform microbiological testing for the medical GMP system, and our wholly-owned subsidiary, Zhiben Medical, has completed the review of medical device registration by the State Drug Administration, and has obtained the medical device registration certificate.

Please describe what on-site analytical, chemistry or other tools are available for quality control, product monitoring and/or other research needs. Do you out-source and with which companies?

These projects are tested on a cyclical basis, mainly for finished products, raw materials and water, and are currently outsourced, with the outsourcing company being Chongqing Wanzhou Quality Inspection Institute.

Describe any industry involvement and engagement related to quality, food safety and packaging or the food industry in general.

Zhiben passed the FSSC22000 management system audit.

Provide the company’s approach to anticipatory issues management, especially as it relates to emerging food or industry risks. 

Based on the management requirements of the FSSC22000 system, Zhiben continues to improve its quality assurance capability in line with the GMP management system and is prepared to control the key risk substances of concern to the current food industry, using the more mature process verification and material balance management methods of the GMP system to implement control.

How does the company staff ensure and verify compliance to changing local, state and federal regulations?

Zhiben has a team of legal professionals, all of whom are licensed attorneys. They guide our production and operations to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations. In the meantime, our legal team also pays much attention to the governments requirement.

Describe how customer's complaint, tracking data and feedback is used to drive continuous improvement. Provide an example of how data and feedback was used.

We usually use 8D engineering to drive continuous improvement, which includes the use of CPK data analysis.