High Precision 90 Degree pulp mold Gift Package

Short Description:

Row material: Bagasse/ bamboo/ wood pulp

Process: Wet Pressing Sugarcane Fiber box

Application: Eco Health Care packaging

Feature: Compostable packaging

Color: Yellow / White/customized

Printing handing: Embossing/ gold stamping

OEM/ODM: Customized Logo, Thickness, Color, Size

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90 degree vertical box processed by integrated molding technology.

The application of innovative integrated molding technology has broken through the difficulties of the Zero-angle mass production and demolding in the molding industry.

While ensuring the yield rate of the process, the capacity achievement rate is ≧96%, which fundamentally solves the problem of application demand for plant fiber materials in the high-precision packaging market.

Adhering to the fundamental concept of environmental protection, low-carbon and sustainable, we use clean energy and renewable raw materials.  Combined with years of scientific research and a lot of practice, constantly develop and promote new environmental protection packaging materials.

With natural wood fiber, bagasse, bamboo fiber and recycled fiber as raw materials, our pulp products has fine appearance and buffering protection, which can be harmless degraded or recycled for reuse.

Plant fiber 90 Degree Gift Package (1)
Plant fiber 90 Degree Gift Package (3)

Compare to degradable plastic package, molded fiber packaging have the advantages:

(1) Degradable plastics need to be recycled and compost to be completely degraded; molded fiber products are buried in the soil for 3 months without centralized compost.

(2) The degradable plastic will age and brittle after 6 months; pulp molding can be placed for a long time (usually 10 years) will not aging and brittle or deterioration.

(3) Aging and brittle biodegradable plastic lose reuse value, there is no recycling value; molded pulp products are easy to recover with low cost and repeated use.

(4) It is difficult to visually distinguish which of the waste plastics are biodegradable plastics and which are ordinary plastics. If ordinary plastic is mixed with biodegradable plastic, then ordinary recycled plastic can not be reused, so degradable plastic not only does not have its own recycling value, but also cause the recycling of ordinary plastic is very difficult.

Pulp molded products are truly biodegradable and environmentally friendly products and a more feasible alternative to some plastic products.

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