Notice of HQ Relocation to Shenzhen CBD

Notice of HQ Relocation to Shenzhen CBD

Zhiben's Headquarters Moved to Shenzhen CBD

The interior design of the new office lends itself to flexible work styles, including telecommuting, and a free-form address system that allows departments to collaborate smoothly in an environment conducive to creating new ideas and communication

The office was designed to meet a variety of needs, such as dedicated space for networking meetings, areas for public meetings, and dedicated booths focused on work to improve the work environment and increase efficiency.

The new office features a rigorous Covid testing system that will help reduce health issues ahead of other buildings. In addition, we will work even harder to make Zhiben a better company.


Address:Shenzhen Head-Office: Room 801, Building 1, Phoenix Building, No. 2008, Shennan Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China



Post time: Nov-10-2022