Products Development

Products Design and Development

Based on the vision of becoming "the leader in the application of plant fibers", a professional product design team set up along with the beginning of Zhiben focused on the expansion of plant fiber molded products.

Products Design and Development

While developing application scenarios, the team also follows the forefront process development routes made by engineering technical team. While broadening the development of existing technical capabilities of application scenarios, it also continues to exceed the limitations of process technology, which makes the applicability of molded plant fiber wider and wider.

Products Design and Development-2

Zhiben designed and developed over 60 kinds of cup lids for customers for more than 30 countries and regions around the world, More than 10 kinds of moon-cake boxes for Tencent, Xibei, Shantiantu, Dongyuan, HTA ect.

Products Design and Development-3

Zhiben’s own brand "Wuxi", Zhiben develop these series from product's idea, packaging design, pilot running and mass production, won the prizes Worldstar Global Packaging Award - WPO, iF Design Award, Red Dot Award etc.

Products Design and Development-4
Products Design and Development-5
Products Design and Development-6

So far we have finished over 500 kinds of products developments, in application of various life scenarios and worked out product integration solutions, covering household, bakery & coffee, and hotel consumables etc, provide consumers and enterprises with innovative applications of environmentally friendly materials.