Xi’bei Compostble Eco Moon-cake paper box

Short Description:

Row material: Bagasse

Process: Pulp mold/ printing

Application: Biodegradable gift box

Feature: Eco-gift-packaging

Color: White/customized

Printing handing: Stamping

OEM/ODM: Customized Logo, Thickness, Color, Size

Product Detail

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Mooncake Package Solution

Mid-Autumn Festival, is the beauty of Moon,

It is the nostalgia of "The moon is bright in my hometown", Mid-Autumn Festival as a traditional Chinese family festival, gifts are indispensable, moon cakes as the first choice, a large number of moon cakes are sent out every year, resulting in too much packaging waste paper, which further aggravates the pollution of the earth.  However, Zhiben provide to provide environmental protection and zero pollution integrated packaging solutions for the major enterprises .

Bagasse as the raw material, using wet pressing process, integrated packaging. After eating mooncakes, the box can be reused and recycle, it is home compostable.

Xi'bei Bio Moon-cake box (5)
Xi'bei Bio Moon-cake box (1)

Molded fiber products have good waterproof and oil resistance properties. In the manufacture of pulp molding, the amount of the additives can produce waterproof, oil prevention effect. Good air permeability, which has unique benefits to the packaging of food products. and Molded pulp products used for molded pulp fine packaging have good seismic and cushioning effect, which can effectively protect the products from damage on the road.

Based on the vision of becoming "the leader in the application of plant fibers", a professional product design team set up along with the beginning of Zhiben  focused on the expansion of plant fiber molded products in application of various life scenarios and worked out product integration solutions.

Xi'bei Bio Moon-cake box (3)
Xi'bei Bio Moon-cake box (2)

Zhiben provide one-stop package solution, from product’s idea, packaging design, pilot running and mass production. Combine your brand with natural and eco materials, through innovative structure, packaging and products can be perfectly deliver your brand’s culture.

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